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angry celaena with one mighty (and mightly badly drawn) hair swoosh

The Throne of Glass Tarot Major Arcana → Justice (Ansel of Briarcliff)

The Justice Card can represent impartiality or coldness, insensitivity but also being clever. It is an impartial card that can symbolyse an objective mind - and is tied to the concepts of responsability, rationality, realism, logic and vision.

And here we are again! I absolutely love the Justice Card, and I’ve always had it very clear on my mind that Ansel should be the one to represent it - not only because she seeks justice for her lands and her family, but because she can be very impartial and insensitive when it comes to others. As we can see in Assassin and the Desert, Ansel does not feel regret as long as she gets the justice she seeks.


August Books & Cupcakes Photo Challenge: Day 16 Favourite fandom

Throne of Glass fandom

August/September especially there is going to be so much for this fandom!


It would not take a monster to destroy a monster—but light, light to drive out darkness

Sarah J Mass, Heir of Fire


ok guys i know i’ve been offline for a while and i’m sorry and i haven’t made any edits lately and all, but i’m finally back from holidays! my college is still on teachers’ strike, so my hours are much more free, but I don’t get in the computer often. I’m making a schedule properly to use it and make sure I use my time! yay!

Also my drawing tablet finally arrives next week, so for the first time in forever you might be seeing some of my art, too! I’m not a great artist or anything, but it’ll be good to share, and I hope I get to practice a lot!

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you saw her beauty but not the iron underneath

Throne of Glass - Celaena Sardothien, Adarlan's Assassin
Rena’s Song


Power abound, this strength granted me

Rooted deep in places I’d never let see

A gift from a world more magical than I

Where Fae beauty rule and fleet fairies fly

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Aderlan’s Assassin getting ready to go kick ass.  And find a shoe 


Forcefully taken from the post office today. Beautiful.