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the royal bloodlines: galathynius, ashryver, havilliard



we must be killers - mikky ekko // we must be killers, children of the wild ones //

anthem of the lonely - nine lashes // so I’ll break it, knowing what you said, the pain is what you make it sadly you are so mistaken //

set me on fire - flyleaf // now i feel the fear climbing up, taking over my body //

hope of morning - icon for hire// when the hope of morning starts to fade in me i don’t dare let darkness have its way with me //

bloodsport - raleigh ritchie // i’ll protect you ‘till the day i’ll meet my maker //

sons and daughters - allman brown & liz lawrence // And it’s all to come for now we’re still young just building our kingdom but it’s all to come //

set me on fire - thousand foot krutch // burn me with your love so bright, burn me like an open fire //

all of me - john legend // cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts, risking it all, though it’s hard //

bones - young guns // we’re all architects of our own private hell //

i’m not jesus - apocalyptica // no, i will not forgive //

under a very  black sky - sick puppies // i’m bleeding inside under a very black sky //


A shaft of moonlight shot through a small hole in the ceiling, falling upon the face of a beautiful marble statue lying upon a stone slab. No—not a statue. A sarcophagus. It was a tomb. Trees were carved into the stone ceiling, and they stretched above the sleeping female figure.

“Which queen were you?”


"12. Hanging out with a friend" which I translated into ‘draw the whole gang with him being happy and stuff’

I just want them to be happy ;o; sorry I didn’t colour the clothes, I have little patience for digital art atm

Dorian & Chaol 

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas - A Throne of Glass Novel


" I will call in every favor, every debt owed to Celaena Sardothien, to my parents, to my bloodline. And then … " She looked toward the sea, toward home. " A n d t h e n I a m g o i n g t o r a t t l e t h e s t a r s . "



" ‘Aelin’, he murmured, and it wasn’t a reprimand, or a thank-you, but…a prayer."

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I can’t wait to finish Heir of Fire! They look so pretty all together :D